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relax, release, renew

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be PRESENT in your body,

and experience ease,

flow and joy!

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is not just a workout

it’s a way of BEING

nurture your body, release stress & tension, rest in your silence and connect with your True Nature

  • Now Yoga

    be PRESENT and experience ease, flow and joy in the body!

  • Energy

    release energy/thoughts that harm the body/mind/soul.

  • Authenticity

    deeply experience one’s authentic self.

  • Patience

    allow GRACE and PATIENCE and a real honoring of innate body intelligence.

My Passion

My PASSION is assisting others through the practice of yoga, meditation and the Self-Healing Dalian Method to experience an authentic and meaningful life.

The classes, workshops and private sessions I offer are geared towards assisting others to improve their ability to connect with the body’s intelligence and live a life of enhanced awareness and self-responsibility. I know through my own personal journey that breathing and connecting into the body to our inner intelligence beyond the mind immeasurably increases quality of life and thereby increases the quality of our society.  I find great JOY in assisting others to feel relaxed and comfortable in their body, to release stress and to delve into the inner silence, stillness and peace that resides within us all. Yoga and meditation provide a wide range of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual benefits, and are a stepping stone to going deeper into self-exploration with the jet-speed method of personal transformation, the Self-Healing Dalian Method.

I am committed to honouring each individual’s path and their knowing for what they need at each stage of life, and I offer various practices and tools to support others on their journey.  Every person’s yoga/meditation practice and process of self-exploration is unique!