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Neerava Head shot Nov 23 2017

Sandra Neerava Nash E-RYT 500, RCYT, has taught yoga and meditation for 17 years; in her home studio, preschools, businesses, elementary/high schools, and at her private teaching space in Tsawwassen. She also worked several years at Vancouver’s InspireHealth (Canada’s only medically supervised integrated cancer care centre) where she taught yoga/meditation classes, offered private healing sessions (certified Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Sound Healing), led support groups, deep relaxation classes and provided soothing music and outreach services for palliative clients (2004-2009).  Neerava also has the gift of music, and was the music director at CSL Vancouver for 2006-2008, and at Tsawwassen United from June 2009-February 2014, inspiring all with her heart-opening voice and music leadership. 

Neerava completed her 500 hour teaching certification at Semperviva Yoga College, and as of July 1, 2016 she has accumulated over 3200 recorded teaching hours. She is certified to teach Hatha, Yin, Active Meditations, Kundalini, Vinyasa, Chair Yoga, as well as Children & Youth Yoga (95 hour Kids YTT certification with Jacqueline Maloney).

Neerava has a BA in Religious Studies (U of Calgary), and has a gift for sharing her passion with people from all walks of life. No matter the age, fitness level, or cultural/religious background, Sandra feels that the immense benefits of yoga and meditation can be received by ALL. Her classes help to quiet the mind, relax the body, increase flexibility, strengthen muscles, and create the space within for truly releasing stress and ‘re-membering’ what is most important in life. All levels of yoga and meditation experience are welcome, everyone works at their own pace.

For the past few years, Neerava has been studying with Mada Eliza Dalian, learning her profound and practical healing technique, the Self-Healing Dalian Method (www.madadalian.com) along with active meditations, for her own continued transformation and awakening. Sandra is passionate about this work and is thrilled to be under Mada’s guidance as one of the first 11 Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitator world wide, offering healing sessions for adults, teens and children in the form of private sessions, workshops and presentations.

Through her personal journey of transformation, Neerava has discovered a place of inner trust, awareness and freedom that is our birthright. She utilizes yoga, numerous meditation techniques, vocal training, music/sound healing, and most profoundly the Self-Healing Dalian Method to assist this process. Neerava brings 18 years training, practical life experience, her developed intuition and deep compassion to all her classes, private sessions and unique programs.

As of Oct 1st, 2017, Neerava has moved to Salt Spring Island to expand her life and work, but private sessions and/or workshops are still happening monthly on the mainland at her Tsawwassen studio. Contact: NeeravaNash@gmail.com

Love for Sandra Neerava

Neerava & Mada Intensive 2015 ceremony

“The Self-Healing Dalian Method Facilitators are professionals who have courageously looked into and worked with their own unconscious fears and limiting beliefs. They are the people, who, in spite of their training with traditional concepts have taken the courage to step out of the ‘norm’ because they have realized that something is fundamentally missing in their institutional education. Instead of receiving and giving ready-made answers these extraordinary pioneers have taken the courage and responsibility to find true answers within themselves and walk their talk with integrity. What the world needs most at this time is self-healing and self-responsibility. To me, these two components, along with training in self-awareness are essential in the advancement of our education and health care systems. This fundamental understanding and approach in healing and spiritual transformation is what makes the Self-Healing Dalian Method and its facilitators pioneers in creating a fertile foundation for meeting the needs of our evolving humanity.”

Mada Eliza Dalian
world renown mystic, author and zen master

“Sandra, I am so grateful and blessed having the chance to join your classes and have private sessions with you. Thank you for all the beautiful things you offered me so far and especially for your unconditional love. You helped me face and go over death of loved ones with ease, helped me recognize and let go of old things that were causing me pain and anger and made me curious about spiritual things that I wouldn’t even dare to consider a while ago.  The impact you have had on me is huge, and for this I will be forever thankful to you. With much appreciation, respect, and love!”

Ileana V.
SHDM private sessions, workshops, yoga & active meditation

“I came to Neerava’s work at a particularly challenging time in my life. I had been using multiple other modalities such as counselling and acupuncture to cope but nothing was really moving me out of the experience of suffering in any lasting way. Working with Neerava has been the one thing that has really had an impact on moving me from suffering and resistance to a place of acceptance and awareness, despite the continued presence of challenges in my life. Neerava is a truly special teacher who holds a safe, non-judgemental and empowering space. Her workshops are unique and special in how they move away from intellectualizing problems and focusing rather on experience, sensation and awareness of the body, feelings and emotions. The exercises are truly fun and will show you how courageous you really are. Taking this course has been a gift to myself and has enabled me to reclaim joy, peace and compassion, in the face of struggle.”

workshops, SHDM private sessions

“Sandra/Neerava is a truly special soul – one who is committed to being the fullest expression of who she is – and she fully shares the passion of that commitment through her yoga classes and her Dalian Method sessions. If you’re serious about transformation – if you’re ready to have your heart blown open – look no further than this gifted teacher and healer. I feel truly blessed and eternally grateful to have worked with her and to call her my friend. XOXO”

Nathen Aswell
SHDM private sessions

“Dear Sandra, I want to thank you for being such an inspiration to me.  I was hesitant to try yoga though I’d wanted to for many years. Through your intro sessions, and later the Hatha classes, my confidence grew.  Yoga class with you was a highlight in my week.  I always left feeling more relaxed and centred than when I’d arrived.  Now that I no longer live in the South Delta area, I am searching for a yoga class out here.  I’ve tried four different yoga studios so far.  At each, I was able to participate only because of the strong grounding I received from you.  My search for a regular class that suits me continues. You are a hard act to follow! Again, I am grateful to have had you in my life, All the very very best to you in the future.”

Leslie Caine
yoga classes

“Sandra I was already feeling like a bundle of light from the yoga class with you and then to experience your beautifully transcending chanting almost turned me to stardust last night. I was moved to tears of joy several times… Thank you Sandra for sharing your gift with us – your voice is so beautiful and healing.”

Vivienne Grace
yoga and sound meditation

“Sandra’s classes always seem to be just what I need, and I always leave feeling refreshed & energized. Yin Yoga classes have increased my flexibility and are very relaxing. I love Sandra’s classes because she is so encouraging & accepts each everyone for where they are, at that moment, without judgment. Her awareness of each students’ abilities/needs always impresses me and keeps me coming back for more. It is wonderful to know that your yoga teacher genuinely cares about you; body, mind and spirit. During the deep relaxation at the end of the class Sandra sometimes blesses us with her beautiful voice; I feel like I am floating on a cloud – it is pure BLISS!  Thank you Sandra for teaching from your heart and my heartfelt gratitude for making a difference in my life.”

C. Buckland
yoga classes, DM, active meditation

“I JUST LOVE Sandra’s yoga classes! I always leave feeling refreshed and at peace. Sandra’s permission to ‘allow the busy mind but try to detach from it for a bit’ is a real gift.  My body always enjoys the mild workout of the Hatha class, and she helps me to be still in all ways. And I love the camaraderie with other participants! I find yoga classes with Sandra an oasis in the midst of a busy and often challenging day. It keeps me going, it keeps me sane,and I am very grateful for the space that Sandra creates. Not to mention, that as I age it’s also keeping me bending and flexing! What a difference when I don’t go for a while.”

H. Bunker
yoga, active meditation

“Sandra Neerava is a truly special person and teacher who is constantly evolving in her own practice. Her classes are unique because they blend multiple styles and modalities that make you feel as if they were designed especially for what you needed that day! Like Sandra, the space she holds is authentic, compassionate and opened hearted. She is a true healer.”

Lexi Boyle
DM private sessions, yoga, workshops

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