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In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness – by Mada Eliza Dalian

“I enjoyed reading Mada’s book. It has the ring of authenticity and offers a simple and elegant map of the path of enlightenment.” ~ Deepak Chopra
“The concepts covered in this book take the concepts covered in Eckhart Tolle’s books a couple of notches further. I am quite excited about this book because there is a lot of new material to integrate into my toolkit of understanding, which to me doesn’t happen very often. It feels like a new door opening and a whole bunch of work is now possible.” ~ Dr. Dorle Kneifel, M.D.

This multi-award-winning best-selling book is a step-by-step guidebook to everyone’s journey of healing and transformation from fear, pain, and suffering into enlightened consciousness.  The author’s personal journey towards awakening and the Q & A sections at the end of each chapter make the topics covered in each chapter more personal and down-to-earth. Regardless of one’s religious beliefs, this book is a thought-provoking mind feast and an intricate step-by-step road map of the journey to awakening. As a unique guide to living consciously in the now it will delight anyone interested in personal and spiritual transformation from ego into consciousness!

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In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness is a recipient of Seven Book Awards in 2009 and 2010: the Nautilus Award, as a book that can change the world, the Living Now Book of the Year Award, recognizing the year’s very best lifestyle books that help readers attain healthier, more fulfilling and productive lives, the Eric Hoffer Award, recognizing excellence in independent publishing, a finalist in the Indie Books, Indie Excellence, the National Best Book Awards, and the International Book Awards.

This best-selling guidebook is for those who wish to understand what life and their journey here is all about. It is for those who wish to find their inner master and know the steps they need to take to liberate their being from the ego-mind and find spiritual enlightenment. This timeless jewel provides a fresh new perspective on healing, personal development, and living in the Now.

Dalian’s “against the grain” advocacy that the ego needs to be strengthened and healed from its wounded state into a healthy state before it can be surrendered, reflects a spiritual warrior who thinks outside the box. The reader is refreshingly relieved from their personal struggle against the ego as the author reveals its significance and purpose. Step-by-step she compassionately takes us through the seven stages of its development to the point of its final surrender and transformation.

This timeless spiritual classic will help you discover:

• The seven stages of ego’s development
• Practical ways to transform thoughts into consciousness
• Exercises to practice surrendering to what is
• Techniques to dissolve mental and emotional blockages
• How to purify the body and the seven energy points or chakras
• Ways to break through the three veils of illusion
• How to make friends with your inner silence