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Choose the number of classes you are committing to for the Summer 2017 Program.  June 26 – September 1st, 2017.  Be sure to check with Neerava for class schedule and availability before purchasing.  nowyoga.ca@gmail.com 778-240-4704

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The 3 principles of YIN Yoga are; find your edge in a pose, become still, and hold for time. Only you can know your edge, but it never involves pain. In YIN yoga we aim to gently stress the tissues by compression, stretching and twisting. It’s healthy to stress our tissues, joints and bones! This is how they are stimulated to stay strong and limber. The key is to find that balanced place where enough stress is applied so that atrophy is avoided, and not too much stress is applied so that degeneration is avoided. By careful listening to one’s body, this ‘gentle side of your edge’ can be discovered, one moment at a time. All postures are done seated or reclining, with lots of props if needed. No experience is required but it is important to approach your yin practice with a stable body. If you have had an injury or surgery, then only restorative poses are recommended (once your doctor gives the ‘ok’). These rejuvenating and healing poses can be offered as alternatives in your YIN class, if you connect with Sandra before arriving at class. Yin yoga is meditative, very relaxing, and you will not break a sweat. YIN yoga is a wonderful balance to our very yang western lifestyle!

Centre yourself, breathe deep, warm-up; practice strengthening, balancing and muscle lengthening asanas; then practice deep relaxation. You will flow through variations of sun salutations in every class.  All levels welcome, everyone works at their own pace. ‘First-Timers’ please try GENTLE HATHA before attending Hatha classes. Sandra’s Hatha classes are good for all body types, as modifications are always available, and everyone works at their own pace. Contact Sandra for more details, if needed.

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