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SHDM 2.5 hr Private Session

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Facilitated Self-Healing Dalian Method – Full Version – Minimum 2.5 hour Session

Please contact Sandra Neerava for availability and booking your session:
778-240-4704 or NeeravaNash@gmail.com

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Are you ready to step into this amazing work, but would like support from a trained facilitator for your first Self Healing Dalian Method session?  Or have you been using the method on your own, but feeling a bit overwhelmed or resistant to what is coming up next?

For this 2.5 hour session, you will receive the support of a trained facilitator who knows this method inside and out and can help you face, feel and move through whatever thoughts and emotions are arising from your body’s cellular memory.  Neerava has extensive experience in how to see beneath the mind to the awareness or witnessing presence that reveals the life lessons waiting to be learned, and will help you find that place inside. It takes courage, practice and experience to do this work effectively, and it’s always nice to have support!  The ego is very tricky, and at times it takes extra energy and assistance to move past some of the more challenging layers that have built up in our unconscious.  If you are having success working alone for your SHDM sessions, that’s GREAT!  Keep at it!  If this work is new to you, if the kit is sitting on the shelf, or if you are feeling resistance, have a private session to help you keep moving forward.

After discovering the light-speed Dalian Method for health and personal transformation that was filling the missing gaps that yoga alone could not provide, Sandra Neerava began studying with Mada Dalian and was trained as an SHDM facilitator. She is passionate about helping others to also discover and benefit from the power of this ground-breaking system of the future offered to us today! 



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