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Yoga – Private Session

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One two hour private yoga and meditation session, plus shavasana with live music. Please contact Neerava to book a time BEFORE payment. Thank you. nowyoga.ca@gmail.com  or 778-240-4704

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Every BODY is different. Every personality is different! Everyone has walked a unique physical/emotional/mental/spiritual path to bring them to this moment. Sandra highly recommends private sessions to understand and design a personal yoga and meditation practice for one’s own distinctive needs.

Learn your own points of compression or tension in asanas (yoga postures);

Learn breathing exercises that serve your personal needs;

Learn the postures, alignment and props that will serve you best in your practice;

Receive individual support for accessing the many benefits of meditation (release stress & tension, quiet the mind, understand emotions, find inner stillness, know your authentic self);

Discover what type of yoga and meditation will suit your needs (Hatha, Gentle Hatha, Yin, Active Meditation, Vipassana, etc), and create a unique personal plan (including a practice to do at home) that feels right for you.