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Self-Healing Dalian Method:

The revolutionary Self-Healing Dalian Method (‘DM’) has been created by spiritual teacher, master of healing and transformation, best-selling award winning author, Mada Eliza Dalian. Working with a mystic such as Mada continues to be the most joy-filled and transformative time in Sandra Neerava’s life.  DM has brought her from confusion and self-doubt to clarity, strength and trust in herself, and she is deeply grateful to be under Mada’s guidance as a Self-Healing DM Facilitator.

I’ve had several self-healing DM sessions with Neerava via Skype. The combination of her strength, compassion, and brilliant intuitive guidance is an incredible gift. Not only does the healing go VERY deep but she also helps create a plan for how to integrate the transformation in daily life. – Lila Haris, Kansas City

“My Self-Healing DM session was a remarkable and healing experience… Neerava you were simply the most perfect person to lead me through this! I had complete trust working with you, you held the space perfectly and with your intuition and experience, led me through this to a loving completion.” – R.W.

20 min Individual phone/skype sessions: FREE
Private Dalian Method Sessions with Neerava: 2.5 hrs – $250

Are you ready to step into this amazing work, but would like support from a trained facilitator for your first Self Healing Dalian Method session?  Or have you been using the method on your own, but feeling a bit overwhelmed or resistant to what is coming up next?

For this 2.5 hour session, you will receive the support of a trained facilitator who knows this method inside and out and can help you face, feel and move through whatever thoughts and emotions are arising from your body’s cellular memory.  Neerava has extensive experience in how to see beneath the mind to the awareness or witnessing presence that reveals the life lessons waiting to be learned, and will help you find that place inside. It takes courage, practice and experience to do this work effectively, and it’s always nice to have support!  The ego is very tricky, and at times it takes extra energy and assistance to move past some of the more challenging layers that have built up in our unconscious.  If you are having success working alone for your SHDM sessions, that’s GREAT!  Keep at it!  If this work is new to you, if the kit is sitting on the shelf, or if you are feeling resistance, have a private session to help you keep moving forward.

Please Note:

– payment for private sessions due 24 hrs in advance
– no cash refunds
– clients may wish to book on a day where they can relax after this deep transformative experience. There is some preparation required before a session, which will be sent out a week before the appointment.  Booking: 778-240-4704 or

Healing the Body & Awakening Consciousness with the Dalian Method. An Advanced Self-Healing System for a New Humanity – is available for purchase from Neerava – $85


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Find Answers to Your Questions in 17 mins Mada Dalian

Kids Yoga, Yoga in school, preschool-yoga, kindergarden-yoga, positive life-skills

One Children’s DM: Session: $99

Transformational Package: $299

– Appointment 1: 
Body Awareness Session A
– Appointment 2: 
Children’s DM Session
– Appointment 3:
 Body Awareness Session B
– Appointment 4:
 Children’s DM Session

Every child is unique, and thus their sessions will be unique! The body reveals what is needed most. ’There is the plan, and then there is what happens.’ Neerava will determine with the parent(s) what type of session is required to best serve the child.


2018: In the process of being scheduled 

Note from Neerava:

To avoid any confusion, please note that the Self-Healing Dalian Method has nothing to do with the physical practice of yoga. Rather it is a system of verbal expression and precise breathing throughout the whole body. There is nothing else like it available on the planet.  It was designed by a rare enlightened mystic and scientist of the human condition, who has the ability to read what is repressed in people’s bodies with 100% accuracy.  To read more about Mada: BIO Mada Dalian
A yoga practice indeed has many benefits, and the one I most love to assist others in is cultivating and strengthening the ability to observe one’s breath and witness life. When we can live life from our still centre, observing our thoughts and emotions, then the process of dis-identifying from our mind patterns is possible.  A ‘western’ yoga practice is a wonderful stepping stone for connecting with our body/mind/spirit. However true inner transformation and healing requires deeper work of accessing what is repressed in the body and unconsciousness, and in my experience a typical yoga practice cannot provide this. The ego mind is very tricky, and I see that many so called ‘spiritual’ people (and teachers!) have become trapped in the illusions that the mind can create. I have searched long and hard, and finding DM is the needle in the haystack for me. It gave me the missing link that yoga alone did not provide. The Self-Healing Dalian Method offers a ‘total package’ for complete body/mind/spirit transformation and healing into consciousness. Step by step it rapidly strengthens our ability to live from our Inner Knower (not our ego mind), which is the key to physical health, freedom, fulfillment and joy.  Please contact me for a FREE 20 min consultation to see how this method can change your life too!  Email Neerava

Words from Mada Eliza Dalian, creator of the Self-Healing Dalian Method: 

A New Paradigm in Healing: Many people look for healing and would like to heal from something or “get rid” of their pain, fear, anxiety, and self-sabotaging beliefs. However, they have no idea what healing or transformation truly means. Healing and transformation are a state of consciousness. They are not about fixing symptoms of pain and dis-ease, or replacing negative beliefs with positive ones. Healing and transformation are about becoming conscious of the causes of pain and suffering, learning the needed life-lessons, and transcending the ego-mind into freedom of self-empowered consciousness. Healing is a state of dis-identification from the mind and emotions. It is a state of awareness of how the beliefs, desires, and conditionings that are part of the ego-mind cause suffering. To heal, means to let go of attachments to ideas, things, and people. To heal means to transcend the fear of death and survival and find the eternal presence of the Inner Being…. (read more: )