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Find Your Stillness

Sandra Neerava is dedicated to promoting a yoga and meditation practice that assists others to improve their ability to live a life of enhanced awareness. She believes that living consciously immeasurably increases the quality of life and thereby increases the quality of our society. Yoga and meditation provide a wide range of benefits – from reducing stress and tension to finding one’s inner silence. Neerava assists others to feel relaxed and comfortable in their body, and to listen to their body and intuition. Various aspects of yoga are offered to support each individual wherever they are at on their unique journey, and she also offers tools in her workshops and private sessions for those who are ready to move into deeper self-exploration.

NOTE: As of October 2017, Neerava’s direction has shifted to focusing on her private sessions and workshops, along with other projects. Regular yoga and meditation classes have been suspended for 2018, but she is available monthly for private sessions in Tsawwassen. 

Now Yoga classes

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Centre yourself, breathe deep, warm-up; practice strengthening, balancing and muscle lengthening asanas; then practice deep relaxation. You will flow through variations of sun salutations in every class, with more challenging options offered in the Hatha classes. ‘First-Timers’ please try Gentle Hatha before attending Hatha classes. Sandra’s classes are good for all body types, as modifications are always available, and everyone works at their own pace, but some previous experience is necessary for the Hatha classes.  Gentle Hatha is a nice option for Seniors who have no issues with getting up and down off the floor, and who are looking to explore full range of motion, balance, strength and flexibility, but would like to take it easy.  Contact Sandra for more details.


Yin Yoga is a slow, meditative, and simple practice for any and all adults who wish to create more openness in the body, slow down the mind, and use deep breathing practices to release stress and tension. You do NOT need to be flexible! This practice will increase flexibility and stimulate better energy flow and the ‘relaxation response’ (parasympathetic nervous system).  Our western culture has people living far too much in the ‘stress’ response or ‘fight and flight’ response where the adrenal glands barely get a break.  The human organism doesn’t function well when constantly in this sympathic nervous system where all the energy goes to the limbs while our inner organs are starved of needed healing/regeneration time.  Studies show that the majority of disease is caused by stress, so finding a way to release stress and truly relax is essential for good health. Finding stillness and the relaxation response happens to be Neerava’s specialty!

Sp what exactly is yin yoga? The 3 principles of yin yoga are; find your edge in a pose, become still, and hold for time. Only you can know your edge, but it never involves pain. In yin classes we aim to gently stress the tissues by compression, stretching and twisting in poses that we hold for a minimum of 3 minutes. It’s healthy to ‘stress’ our tissues, joints and bones! This is how they are stimulated to stay strong and limber. Of course this is a different kind of stress than what our mind/emotions does to the body. The key is to find that balanced place where enough stress is applied so that atrophy is avoided, and not too much stress is applied so that degeneration is avoided. By careful listening to one’s body, this ‘gentle side of your edge’ can be discovered, one breathe at a time. All postures are done seated or reclining, with props if needed.

No experience is required but it is important to approach your yin practice with a stable body. If you have had an injury or recent surgery, then only Restorative Yoga poses are recommended (if your doctor gives the ‘ok’). These rejuvenating and healing poses can be offered as alternatives in a YIN class if you connect with Sandra before arriving at class. Yin yoga is meditative, very relaxing, and works deep into the fascia. YIN yoga is beautiful healing practice and a wonderful balance to our very yang western lifestyle!  For more info about yin yoga, please see Bernie Clark’s website:

meditation yoga yin hatha nature stillnessPRIVATE YOGA SESSIONS:

Every BODY is different. Every personality is different! Everyone has walked a unique physical/emotional/mental/spiritual path to bring them to this moment. Sandra highly recommends private sessions to understand and design a personal yoga and meditation practice for one’s own distinctive needs.

learn your own points of compression or tension in asanas (yoga postures);

learn breathing exercises that serve your personal needs;

learn the postures, alignment and props that will serve you best in your practice;

receive individual support for accessing the many benefits of meditation (release stress & tension, quiet the mind, understand emotions, find inner stillness, know your authentic self);

discover what type of Sandra’s classes will suit your needs (Hatha, Gentle Hatha, Yin, Active Meditation), and create a unique personal plan (including practices to do at home on your own) that feels right for you.

ask Sandra how the Self-Healing Dalian Method is the perfect companion for your yoga and meditation practice

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hatha yoga twisted low lunge ardha namaskar parsvakonasana copy“I love your energy and spirit Sandra! I feel like a lot of energy blocks have been removed because of my yoga with you, and I am able to connect more physically and spiritually during my practice.  I’m more in the moment, more grateful, & more loving. Thank you Sandra!”  – Elianne Bellerive

“I enjoy my yoga classes with Sandra, as she makes it easy to feel the whole experience of yoga. It’s not just a series of yoga asanas, and breathing added. It has become a total feeing of movement and awareness, from within. And importantly, she makes it all fun too! Her classes have made me more aware of centring myself during yoga, not just the moves or just my thoughts or just my breathing, or being aware of my centre, but getting it slowly, all together!  – Jennifer Kidd

“Yoga with Sandra gives me the balance and stretching that allows me to play competitive squash, biking and downhill skiing without pain. Also my range of motion has improved.” – B Bucher, retired old guy!

“I took my first ever yoga class this evening and I truly loved it. Thanks to Sandra who made the experience so welcoming and safe. I’m looking forward to the many benefits of finding inner peace and balance. Namaste.” – Sue Robinson

“I have been taking yoga instruction from Neerava for over 8 years now. I enjoy her style, where each session we loosely follow a similar flow, but Sandra uses her gift of reading the room and knowing what changes to make for each class. The classes are fun and provide just enough “work out” that I feel like my body and mind are getting what they need… I have a back that tends to act up, and since I have been going to classes twice a week I haven’t had a major flareup in years! Neerava is very aware of what is happening in class, and is quick to offer alternate poses or extra help. The classes are kept small so you are always under her watchful and caring eye.” – Penny Harris

“I’ve been practicing yoga with Sandra for over a decade and I find her teaching has a fine balance between the physical, the mental and emotional/spiritual. My first years with Sandra was while I was in recovery from breast cancer and Sandra’s classes were awesome for helping me adjust to the “new normal” of post-treatment. She offers a super supportive and calm environment to do your yoga practice and take that time to let go of your daily stresses and just get in touch with your inner self.” – Peg Keenleyside

“Yoga with Neerava has been an amazing experience. It not only strengthens my body, but quiets my mind. Truly a gift.” – Lee-Ann Johnson

“In the spring of 2014 I was experiencing a noted loss of balance, wrist pains and difficulty working in my garden. After treating myself to a summer of yoga, under the dedicated guidance of Sandra, I was amazed to see how quickly my strength and flexibility began to return. Also, I had become much more aware of the other areas of my body that were benefitting from a regular yoga practice. With the power of Sandra’s wisdom and compassion, and with the energy and enthusiasm of fellow students filling the yoga class, I take great pride in joining them all with a Namaste at the end of each class. Namaste to you all!” – Laurene Nowak

“I so look forward to Neerava’s yoga class. No matter what state I’m in when I arrive, I leave blissed and centred. Sandra has a way of knowing EXACTLY what our bodies and spirits need.” – Wendy Childs

“I love Sandra’s Hatha classes as she is superb at giving my over ”60” body a good stretch to improve my flexibility. I also appreciate getting a core strengthening workout while making sure I don’t over do it. Thanks, Sandra!” – Mary Sambell

“Sandra Neerava’s yin yoga classes are an absolute joy! As she expertly leads us through each pose, she will offer her special intuitive guidance and share her vast knowledge of the body and spirit, based on many years of practice and study in all aspects of yoga. Her beautiful music and singing bowls are delightful additions to her classes. All this, along with her gentle, nurturing and caring nature, keeps me coming back for more! If you’re looking for a wonderful yoga experience with a top-notch instructor, look no further!” – with love and gratitude, Ellen

“I have participated in Sandra’s yoga class for over a year and know that it is helping with my balance and flexibility. I have some health issues which are improving as a result of Sandra’s encouragement and reminder to work at my level and accept my limitations. I think she is a wonderful support and I look forward to another private session with her and the Dalian Method.”  – Carol White

“The minute I walked into Sandra’s home studio for my first yin yoga class, I felt so relaxed & comfortable. She was so welcoming & has such a warm & kind personality. Being new to yoga, Sandra was so helpful in getting me all set up with the props I needed & took the time to ask if I had any aches or pains that I was dealing with. Sandra has an incredible gift to share and teaches you how to connect with your body, to breathe & to delve into your inner peace. I was looking for something to help me with the stress I was dealing with and who knew that taking an hour out of my day to relax, stretch, connect, let go and learn the proper way to breathe would be so beneficial. She changes up each class and always has alternative poses to offer if one isn’t quite working for you that day. I love it when Sandra plays the bowls and sings! She is so talented!  Yoga with Sandra is awesome!” – Karen Horn

“I really enjoy Sandra’s classes, they’re a great fit for me.  She has such a beautiful and calming presence and knows each student’s physical weaknesses and instructs them accordingly.  I look forward to every class and always leaving feeling relaxed and ‘stretched’, taking away with me more inward calm than I arrived with.” – Pam Greaves

“Sandra’s yoga classes are nourishing on all levels, body mind and spirit.  Her reminders to “look within” help to sustain the spirit of her classes throughout my day.  My body feels great, I walk through my days more gently and remember that love truly is an inside job. Thank you, Sandra. Namaste.” – Julia Lattimer

“I started back taking yoga instruction with Sandra after several years of not doing yoga. I was immediately made to feel comfortable in her classes, as she is a very knowledgable and caring person regarding her students and their needs. She explains all movement, reinforcing the importance of working at our own pace and listening to our body. Sandra is a skillful and talented teacher with wonderful inspiring words and instruction! I really enjoy my yoga time and hope to extend my participation.” – Margaret Begg

“I thoroughly enjoy yoga with Sandra! She has a practical, no nonsense approach that allows you to let go and feel peaceful. The classes are well tailored to the group and there is always a feeling you are in good hands. Thank you Sandra!” – Jenny O-Donnell

“i could not say enough good things about your teaching and your friendship. You have taken my completely inflexible body and helped it to bend, at least slightly!  You have helped balance me mentality, which is much needed. Thanks and much love to you.” – Duane Bates

“I love your classes, and I’m super grateful that you offer them at our place of work at Southpointe Academy. The effects of your classes are felt days after, rippling through as having a grounded presence and balance in my life. I hope we can hold these sessions again in the upcoming school year.” – Natasa Sirotic

“Sandra’s ‘yoga for children’ provides a delightful, nurturing classroom experience, where children learn to fully relax their bodies, stretch because it feels good, and sing funny songs that make their bellies laugh. It is the perfect compliment to daily delivery of the curriculum.”- Peggy Plumstead-McLeod, TFN education Department

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